About Us

Indian Visa Passport Center, is a full service passport, visa and vital documents expediting company. We work to secure passports and visas for international travelers who depart on short notice. Our passport and visa specialists have proven travel document knowledge and vast experience, allowing us to cut “red-tape” and provide our customers fast, efficient, and economical expediting services.

All staff members of Indian Visa Passport Center are knowledgeable of all travel requirements and have access to all updated information. Please do not hesitate to speak with any staff member in regards to the processing of all your travel needs. We are ready and eager to answer any questions you may have. You will be pleased with how knowledgeable they are and the customer service that we provide is unmatched in the industry today.

Our expert process along with the Indian Visa Application ensures a streamlined experience with fewer mistakes. In addition, our experience provides confidence that your passport is handled safely and efficiently. If applying by mail, we will keep you notified by email as your visa is processed.

Visa problems? Passport problems? Trouble with your passport renewal? Our passport and visa service can help. Everyone knows the headaches involved in dealing with the embassies and consulates directly. The people working at embassies and consulates are loaded down by complex systems, rules, regulations and laws. As a result, they can only deal with those applications that are correctly and completely processed. They simply do not have the time to do anything out of the way.

The sole focus of our staff members is to work closely with these agents to expedite passports and visas on your behalf. We have learned to navigate through the quagmire of bureaucracy. We enjoy a very good working relationships with the consulates and embassies and are trained to walk you through any passport or visa situation.

We are known for exceptional customer service. While we do not have complete control of the actions and decisions of the embassies, consulates and other officials involved in the issuing process, we completely stand behind all actions over which we have any control.

Note: Indian Visa Passport Center is a private company not an affiliated with any Government Agency.  

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